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When medical professionals tell you to “live with it” – Should you?

In my lifetime, I have known people who came down with a condition that was hard to understand or treat effectively, and I have joined their ranks more than once. In the absence of answers, we are told, “you will have to live with it and take medications to manage the symptoms as best you can.” It takes a certain type of person to respond to that advice with defiance and resolve to find a solution or an advocate. As a clinician and strong patient’s advocate, I say, “don’t give up or give in!”

There are many ways to solve a problem and in my opinion, functional medicine is the most logical approach to wellness because it does not address the problem with pharmacology as the first approach. Functional medicine recognizes that a person is made up of more than the part of their body that is showing dysfunction and feeling pain.

Science is now beginning to understand the gut-brain connection and that food can either make us ill or heal us. The human body has basic needs: clean air, water, and food; sunlight, physical activity, mental stimulation, healthy sleep cycle, and protection from exposure to harsh weather. When any of these needs are not met or purposely denied, we repress or decrease wholeness, then disease or dysfunction is the outcome.

The human body is only as resilient as the brain that controls it. Program it for self-healing and seek out healthcare professionals that are problem-solvers, door openers and success facilitators. There are healthcare professionals for every type of patient. Everyone must define what type they are and seek their healthcare match.

There are people who seek out treatments that will “fix” them without having to put effort into the process. There are people who will accept a poor prognosis and give up feeling powerless. Then, there are people who refuse to accept defeat and will look for alternative therapies, “experimental” and non-traditional treatments to defy the odds.

At Integrative, most of our patients have tried traditional therapies that did not give them long-term solutions or relief. Many times, they have already exhausted their benefits but refuse to “live with it” – such as Meniere’s, frozen shoulders, neck kyphosis (hump) and pain, poor balance, post-concussion conditions, light sensitivity and visual processing disorders, etc. These conditions are not insurmountable when a clinician takes time to listen, can visualize the dysfunction, and cares to solve the problem as a wellness partner.

January is a new start and the right time to resolve conditions that have interfered with living your best life. If you are the type of person that does not like being told to “live with it” and like being proactive, don’t wait to integrate your life, solutions are possible with occupational therapists because we are trained to be FUNCTIONAL clinicians.

You have a choice in where you go for therapy. Choose to partner with an experienced and board registered occupational therapist who treats the whole-person and is specialized in treating your condition. At Integrative Therapeutic Solutions make it our business to help patients find answers and relief. Our goal is to to integrate each patient back into WHOLENESS in "person," home, and community.

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