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Welcome to Your Private Healing Space!

Integrative Therapeutic Solutions is unique in many ways and it all starts with our own experience of injury, pain, and our healing journey.

I have known pain in my body. I have walked in the shoes of many of my patient's and have worked through the healing process using my clinical skills. Bob, our resiliency instructor can also relate to our patients and offers educational support to their caregivers so that they can continue to care for our patients.

When I was given a diagnosis and told by my orthopedist I would have to learn to deal with it, I researched with a fierce tenacity to problem-solve my own painful conditions which ranged from neck injuries, torn shoulders, bursitis, and nerve impingement syndromes that surgeries did not improve. Being a working a mom and wife, I could not accept life with chronic pain. I had to find solutions - INTEGRATIVE THERAPEUTIC SOLUTIONS, in order to function and continue to serve others. This is what inspired the name of my clinic and sets us apart.

I believe that I was blessed by having these painful experiences so that I could better relate to my patients and develop effective outcome based solutions - having been my own model for rehabilitation techniques that worked. I also believe that treating others as one would want to be treated is equally important.

Our patients are treated with the utmost personalized care from the moment they enter this place of healing, starting with an environment of hospitality and compassion every day. We start by providing our patients water, hot tea, and K-cup coffee service, including other beverages of their choice.

We love our Glacial Water Cooler because it is easy to use so patients can also help themselves.

We also offer seminars and after-hours events that connect our patients with local resources for support and services for aging in place, nutrition, and self-care techniques. Our guest instructors have provided art therapy lessons, skin care and facials, chair massages, and therapeutic crafts.

We support our art community because we believe that art can inspire healing and joy. We support local artists by showcasing their work in every therapy space. Lynn Lewis, pictured here is a member of the Peninsula Art League and we feature her art in our Quiet Room. Her beautiful pieces shown below are: Lonesome Leo, Water Baby, and Giraffe Friends. These whimsical characters have made our pediatric and adult patients feel safe, calm, and happy. We are so blessed to have Lynn's beautiful pieces in our clinic.

The works below are by our dear friend and local artist, Eileen Schurer, also a member of the Peninsula Art League.

These works of art are a labor of love that bring warmth and comfort to our patients.

You can see more of Eileen's beautiful pieces at:

Below is our commissioned three-panel "Big Collection" which inspires our Parkinson's patients to amplify their voice and movement through the

LSVT-Big exercises

Integrative After Hours Events are opportunities to connect with local support resources and learn new wellness information

Integrative After Hours events offer opportunities to learn more about local

supportive resources and WELLNESS education

Integrative Therapeutic Solutions is a place of hope and healing. Therapy is more than exercises.

At ITS, we aim to inspire, motivate, and elevate our patients.

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