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Patient Testimonials

Mariel is an AMAZING occupational therapist and such a blessing!

I have searched 25+ years for an occupational therapist with her level of skill and expertise to address my severe neck, shoulder, and back pain, as physical therapy over the years only resulted in limited improvement.

I came to Mariel Kraus with a torn right-sided rotator cuff, bicep tendinitis, medial epicondylitis, AC joint arthritis, neck impingement, and limited range of motion in turning my head to the left and right.

I have suspected for years my pain originated from my neck, and Mariel is the only therapist who has thought to address that area!


She really takes the time to listen to you as a person, AND she provides one-on-one therapy with you throughout the whole session. She is sensitive to your individual needs and how best to help you return to a meaningful, purposeful, and functional life.


She is compassionate and committed to working with you, as she truly cares about her clients. I would highly recommend her as she has significantly improved my quality of life by reducing my pain, and increasing my functional performance in everyday activities!

-Lori B. June 25, 2017

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5-Star HealthGrades Reviews 

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-Rebecca Humphrey in Port Orchard WA  | Mar 07, 2018

SURGERY was recommended for a chronic neck, shoulder to hand condition but I decided to live with the pain, I’ve seen too many surgeries not go well and that scared me. I had been to practitioner after practitioner looking for answers and relief over the last several years. . THEN I went to see Mariel Kraus and was not expecting instant relief but that is exactly what happened and was VERY pleasantly surprised! She fit me in to her busy schedule and was very accommodating even last minute.



-Kay in Port Orchard WA | Dec 23, 2017

I would recommend Mariel to anyone diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. She began by doing a thorough assessment to determine my individual needs. She listened to me and compassionately responded to my questions and concerns. I felt that she cared about me not as a patient but as a whole person. Using the LSVT-BIG program, Mariel taught me strength and stretching techniques to enable me to keep moving. Knowledgeable, passionate and generous, she has given me tools to really live, even with PD.


-Charles in Fircrest, WA | Nov 28, 2016

Mariel is very knowledgeable and qualified. She worked to accommodate my work schedule and answered any questions or concerns that I had. I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.



-David in Tacoma, WA | Aug 25, 2016

Mariel's therapies and her LSVT-Big program has served me well. She has vast knowledge to offer and share with Parkinson's patients. She explained in detail the benefits of treatments I received and I see the improvement in my movements. Mariel is always positive and is generous with her time.



-Winnifred in Olalla, WA | Aug 19, 2016

After a couple of years of increasing pain in my neck & right shoulder that was making personal care & everyday life, including driving very difficult a friend recommended Mariel. After some false starts in getting thru to her to make an appointment due to communications equipment 3 weeks of intense message & stretching treatments has decreased my pain substantially. Exercise recommendations are more strenuous than with previous therapists but it certainly is getting my life back on track.



-Leslie C. in Port Orchard WA | Aug 11, 2016

It has been a refreshing and highly successful experience with Mariel working with me to improve my range of motion and other issues. I appreciate her wealth of knowledge and attention to the whole body. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease a few years back and I feel that the exercise program and tools she has provided thus far will serve me well.



-Sarah K in Gig Harbor, WA | Jul 21, 2016

I was experiencing headaches and nightly numbness in my fingers and hands when I started seeing Mariel. After the first treatment and doing the stretches and exercises she recommended, I experienced improvement. After the first few treatments, my symptoms went away completely. Now we are working together to strengthen the right muscles so that this situation does not occur again. Working with Mariel has been amazing. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. Thankful I found her!



-Sheryn Gilmour in Gig Harbor, WA | Mar 30, 2016

Mariel was very knowledgeable and thorough in her assessment and treatment of my tendenitis. She is extremely concientious and passionate about the best treatment for the welfare of her patients. I am very satisfied with my treatment and it's results.And have recommended her to others. Highly Satisfied with my progress.



-Mrs. Hlland in Bremerton, WA | Mar 18, 2016

I have (young onset) Parkinsons and a few other conditions that work against me so needless to say when I first started seeing Mariel I had limited range in my neck and shoulders, just to name a few after going a few times a week and working together. Her explaining everything from begining to end I knew this was the right fit for me. Someone who would listen and work with me. she is and amazing person to work my program with and holds herself in a profesional yet calm matter.



-Amy N in Federal Way, WA | Feb 24, 2016

Mariel is knowledgeable, warm, caring, patient, creative, optomistic, and encouraging. (Young-Onset Parkinson's)



-Martha S. Mott in Gig Harbor, WA | Feb 22, 2016

I find Mariel to be very well informed regarding the problems a person faces when being informed they have Parkinson's Disease. She works with the patient and is very serious about the Lsvt-Big Program and the benefit it brings. She is kind and considerate and very generous in her praise for a job well done. I am grateful to have been in her care as I embark on this phase in my life with PD.



-J.S. in Gig Harbor, WA | Feb 19, 2016

Mariel took the time to understand my needs and worked tirelessly with me to resolve my physical impairments. She understood the course that Parkinson's takes and was knowledgeable in dealing with it. Time was never an issue, some appointments ran longer than expected so that I could get it right.



-Steve Arnold in Gig Harbor, WA | Feb 18, 2016

Mariel is exceptionally well informed, enthusiastic, supportive, and truly cares about the whole patient. Gig Harbor is very fortunate to have a person with the skills and dedication that she shows to all her patients.



-A.C. in Seattle, WA | Feb 15, 2016

Mariel treated my shoulder impingement. This was inhibiting me from doing my job and she helped me go back to work. Mariel was very knowledgeable and professional. I felt I received high quality treatment from her. I would definately recommend Mariel to anyone in need of occupational therapy services.



-Robert J in Gig Harbor, WA | Feb 11, 2016

I was given a referral to see Mrs. Kraus to discuss treatment for a family member with Parkinson's Disease. I found her to be very knowledgeable and she quickly made suggestions on how to proceed with care. Her approach looks at the whole family and what their current and potential future needs could be, including support for speech and care-giver support. I was impressed with how much she focused on all of our family's needs. She took the time to explain everything and make us feel at ease.



-L.M. in Allyn, WA | January 16, 2016

I am a healthcare provider and work with therapists at my facility who I thought would be able to help me with my condition when I was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's. I thought all therapists know about this disease and how to treat it but I soon found out that many don't have the knowledge or skills, interest or passion to help people with PD. I learned about Mariel Kraus through the grapevine and I am so glad I took the chance and the long drive! I would drive across state lines to see her for her expertise and excellent outcomes! I was a depressed man with my new diagnosis at my (relatively young) age but she not only gave me hope, she delivered on her promise to find solutions to the challenges of my new "normal" with PD. She showed me that a person can have a good quality of life with PD if they get THE RIGHT THERAPY and I found it in a place that did not shout "rehab" when I walked through the door. Mariel has thought of everything in her practice and uses a variety of tools, methods, and modalities to help with pain, tremors, impaired movement, and even how breathing too shallow can affect your voice. I can't say enough about her and I can't recommend her enough!



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