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Certified Aging in Place Home Assessments

If you are PLANNING ON LIVING IN YOUR HOME FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, you owe it to yourself and future caregivers to have an experienced and highly qualified clinician with an eye for problem solving and recommending the most practical and innovative solutions to make your home meet your needs as you age.

From Baby Boomers to people of all ages with disabilities and progressive illnesses, our design concepts will not only help you THRIVE IN YOUR HOME, your home will increase in value because of the aesthetically pleasing and structural integrity of our recommendations.


This service is sometimes covered by Insurance including Medicare when appropriate and ranges in complexity from urgent needs home assessments to Universal Design for new construction and remodel/modifications. 


This service can be contracted for hourly consultations and many times we can recommend contractors in your area.

Mariel Kraus is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and Certified Graduate Associate (CGA) designated by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).


With over 16 years of experience, Mariel is an avid problem solver and her ideas are outside of the box in creativity, practicality, and add true investment value to her client's homes where they THRIVE not just manage their accessibility  needs.

Caregiver Wellness & Supportive Seminars


Why we offer this service is that statistics and our experience has shown that families, spouses, and paid caregivers for a chronic and progressively ill person become ill more often, sometimes even pass away before the patient does due to the physical and emotional demands of caring for a chronically ill and self-care dependant loved-one. There is also a high risk for abuse.

This Service is provided to small groups: child and adult group home caregivers, caregiving families, nursing departments, medical service providers, and paid community home healthcare providers.

Seminars are customized based on group needs and fees are based on number of modules selected. This service is invaluable for retention of staff and prevention of injuries and caregiver illness.

Bob Nussbaum is a certified Resiliency Trainer with over 24 years of experience in teaching military healthcare professionals skills and techniques for recognizing and mitigating the signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, Physical and emotional Burnout.

Whole Life Care Planning for Thriving in Place-


If you are planning to live out the rest of your life at home, STRUCTURAL modification is just the start! 

The next step is THE GAME PLAN and we can guide you through the maze of "what ifs" and match those potential life events or situations with local resources that you can put into place as they occur. 

At Integrative, we help individuals and families make the best decisions for their 4th quarter by education and empowerment.


At Integrative, we are connected to several local resources that are ready to be a part of your life planning and will put the power back into your  hands.

Don't delay or wait for something to happen, call and schedule a consultation to stay ahead of fate or circumstances outside of your control.


Caregiver Body Mechanics

We provide skilled training to professional caregivers and families, to safely manage patients for positioning and self-care by using sound body mechanics, knowing how to prevent patient injuries during self-care, and recommending the best adaptiv and durable medical equipment to decrease the risk of injuries and neglect.

In most cases, this service is covered by insurance and requires a physician's referral with the patient's diagnosis. Please call us to inquire about your insurance coverage.

Community Re-Entry & Safety

We offer Community Safety training for safe re-entry and to resume former community activities with confidence, and resources for assistance when necessary.

Wheelchair mobility and safety is a passion for us! Many people in power wheelchairs injure themselves and others because of lack of skilled training and sometimes because of impaired cognition that was not assessed by the wheelchair provider.

We provide patients training to plan for meals, manage a budget, shop safely at local supermarkets, access elevators, public transportation, and challenging spaces at the wheelchair level. We provide this service to our local residents to keep them active in our community.

In most cases, these services are covered by insurance including Medicare. Call to find out if you meet insurance coverage requirements.

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