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Our Mission

Is to provide you with personalized therapies that are progress and wellness driven.

You are more than your diagnosis to us.

We are here to help you


your life in becoming


Integrative Therapeutic Solutions is a private practice with a philosophy to TREAT THE WHOLE PERSON including home environment and community lifestyle.

We are specialized in Post-Concussion Syndrome and one of only 272 Certified Irlen Centers in the world.  Irlen Syndrome is a condition that affects millions of people who are undiagnosed, including children on the Autism spectrum and people with head injuries.

We also treat all upper and lower extremities for pain, range of motion, strength, function, and balance. We have helped patients to either avoid invasive procedures such as surgeries for certain conditions of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist (such as Ulnar Nerve or Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and improved outcomes before and after procedures.

Our hands-on therapies can greatly reduce the risk of post-surgical dysfunctions such as frozen shoulder and recurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome when a neck (cervical nerve) impingement may be the culprit.


Please consider our therapeutic interventions BEFORE shoulder, hand, neck, and back surgery as it may shorten your recovery time and in some cases, symptoms resolve.

We are Specialized in Parkinson's and Atypical progressive neurologic diseases. We offer the highly acclaimed LSVT-Big Certified program for Parkinson's Disease which is the only treatment with positive outcomes that benefit patients with other movement disorders. Our delivery of LSVT-Big is INDIVIDUALIZED unlike other clinics.

Our goal is to address the needs of patients diagnosed with EARLY and YOUNG-ONSET Parkinson's because the current rehab model is that of an older population who are served in nursing rehab centers.

We believe that a treatment environment affects people's perception of either wellness or dysfunction.

Our space is tranquil, personalized, private, and a place where people feel well rather than ill.

The best therapeutic outcomes start at the earliest stages and pharmaceutical treatments alone are not enough to fight Parkinson's and other diseases.

Nerve impingements tend to get worse and injured brains need to be calmed before starting puzzles and other cognitive training.  Don't wait to start therapy when function is already limited, INTEGRATE YOUR LIFE TODAY!

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